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How to use the

Preferences feature

The preferences feature allows you to state which hospitals you are happy to work at.


Once you complete your preferences you can search for shifts that match these preferences using Browse Shifts. You can also search for shifts that are not currently listed in your preferences.

How to add preferences:


Step One: Click the Client Preferences option on the App Menu.

Step Two: Click the plus sign at the bottom right of the screen to add more hospitals to your preferences.

Step Three : Search for hospitals nearby using the maximum distance slider.

Step Four: Select the hospital you wish to add to your preference list.


Now once you complete an Browse shifts search via preference, the App will show you available shifts at this Trust.

To edit an existing preference, simply click on the hospital would like to change the preferences for.

Check out three types of preferences you can give:

Book straight in

Contact me before booking

Do not book

Video guide

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