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How to use the

Timesheets feature

You can now upload timesheets directly from your mobile using our scan and send timesheet feature.

How to upload a timesheet:


Step One: Click the Timesheet option on the homepage.

Step Two: Select the shift you wish to upload a timesheet for.

Step Three: Complete all fields on the page with the shift information.

Step Four: Select the option to Scan timesheet

Step Five: Take a clear photo of your timesheet, ensuring the blue box that appears covers the timesheet only.

Step Six: Once the App takes an image of the Timesheet, simply confirm the timesheet upload by clicking send timesheet.

You can filter via the status of the timesheet using the filter tools at the top of the page, allowing you to see outstanding, rejected and paid timesheets. 

timesheets app new.png
Scanning Document.png

Video guide

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